What makes cotton a bad choice when trying to grow your hair?

Cotton is a very absorbent material, and it’s very abundant; however, it may not be the best thing to sleep on, particularly if you are trying to grow or improve the health of your hair. Cotton soaks up oils, which, in the case of pillowcases and pull the oils deep into its fibers effectively drying out your hair. Dry hair is more prone to breaking. Additionally, sleeping on cotton can cause a lot of friction and hair is easily caught in the cotton fibers; both of which can also result in the hair breaking.

Why hydration is important

Hydration comes in two forms; naturally, there is water, and for optimal hair growth and to keep your scalp healthy you need to drink plenty of water. Additionally, washing your hair can remove any product that has built up, making it easier for moisture penetration. The other type of hydration you need for optimal hair health is oil. Our scalp produces natural oils that can keep our scalp and hair healthy (though it is also perfectly fine to add additional oils to your scalp and hair if you need it). Dry skin is more prone to cracking when this happens bacteria can enter the broken skin, which can lead to infection. The body’s natural defense to prevent the infection from spreading is to isolate it, which is done by inflammation. Swelling, especially one that persists for a long time can choke the blood supply to the hair follicles, and can eventually lead to hair loss.

Properties of Silk

Silk is a unique material that has a plethora of beneficial properties. Firstly, silk does not rip oils from your hair, meaning your hair will stay moisturized longer. Because of its smooth texture and inability to create static silk can help with the preservation of certain hairstyles. Silk is also a natural mold and mildew repellant (which is fantastic for anyone with allergies). That, paired with the fact that silk can help keep you cool during the hot months and is known to help preserve body temperature, which is excellent for keeping you warm when it’s cool, means that you’ll have a great sleep all year round.

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