Is your hairline thinner than it used to be? Is that bald patch making you feel depressed with the way you look? If so, rather than opting for hair transplants that can be quite invasive, try Vitalize hair growth serum.

Here are some reasons why Vitalize this is a better option for hair regrowth:

It’s Non-InvasiveBalding man

Since a hair transplant is a type of surgery, it is an invasive procedure in which the surgeon removes hair from areas of the head that have hair to areas that do not. The scalp is first numbed with medication that is injected into the skin.

In a FUSS or follicular unit strip surgery, a 6 to 10 inches long strip of skin is removed from the back of the head and set aside and the scalp is sewn closed. This is then divided into thousands of small grafts which are then sewn into the bald patches.

Vitalize hair serum has ingredients that help regrow edges naturally and without the need for invasive and painful surgeries. This includes the ingredient Redensyl® which is a patented molecule that targets stem cells of hair follicles to rebalance the natural growth cycle of hair. This molecule strengthens those cells and prevents them from drying out, thus resulting in natural hair growth.

It Can be Maintained Indefinitely

Even though hair transplant surgery is advertised as being a permanent solution for hair loss, doctors still recommend a combination of laser hair therapy and Rogaine to patients. While these can make hair follicles stronger, they are just more procedures which you will have to pay for out of pocket. Considering that a typical hair transplant can cost anywhere between $3500 to $20,000 per graft, will you really be able to afford the maintenance after?

Vitalize Hair Follicle Serum and oil is an all-natural alternative to hair transplant surgeries. The aforementioned ingredient Redensyl® targets hair follicle stem cells as they enter the growth phase of the hair cycle. In doing so it promotes the growth of thicker, fuller, and lustrous hair naturally. In other words, the hair growth system makes the scalp healthy enough to grow new hair follicles on its own without the need for painful and invasive transplants.

The Vitalized Hair Treatment Difference

The hair treatment oil that comes with the Vitalized system energizes follicles and makes the scalp healthier. The Shea butter, Argan oil and green tea extract it is made of are well known natural solutions for hair growth. In fact, the oil also protects the nourished hair follicles which is why it can be used as a leave-in conditioner as well. Plus, for just $99 a set, why would anyone ever opt for hair transplants which can leave them in debt?

The bottom line is if you want a full head of healthy hair within 90 days which will not leave surgical scars on your scalp, Vitalize Hair System should be your main choice. It is significantly cost-effective and you can reap the rewards for years down the line.

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