Whether you have recently begun taking natural hair growth products like Vitalize Hair Treatment and are looking to improve the look of your hairline, or need to protect the hair you have, we have some tips to save you time and money spent on Minoxidil or hair transplant surgery.

  • Be patient. Healthy hair only grows about a quarter-inch each month at best.
  • Don’t fear the shear. While your hair won’t grow faster somehow by getting it trimmed now and then, it can keep your ends from looking unhealthy and getting split ends. Don’t wait to get a cut so long that your split ends cause hair to break off further up the strand. Cutting off even one-eighth of an inch every 10 to 12 days can keep split ends from ruining your look.
  • Don’t forget the conditioner. Using hair coloring and heat to style your locks can lead to strands that are thinning at the bottom. Using conditioner when you shampoo your hair repairs the proteins in your hair shaft and patch up the cuticle to protect from further damage to get the longer, healthier look for your hair.
  • But DON’T shampoo with every shower. If you’re going to skip an accouterment in the shower, it should be the shampoo, not the conditioner. While shampoo is designed to wash dirt and buildup in your hair, it also removes natural oils that keep your hair soft and healthy, effectively throwing the baby out with the shower water.
  • Treat with oil or mask each week. The longer your hair gets, the more care it needs. This can include treating with natural oil applied to damp hair so as to not leave a residue. Oils rebuild strands by filling them with fatty acids, and using shampoo seals them inside.
  • Supplement your hair care regimen. Many people don’t get all the protein and nutrients their hair needs from food. Speak with your doctor about taking on some vitamin supplements to grow hair that is strong and healthy right out of the follicle.
  • Easy on the brushing. Detangle wet hair by starting at the bottom rather than at the scalp. Boar bristle brushes have been known to effectively spread you’re the natural oils in your scalp without being too harsh on your strands.
  • Stop towel-wrapping your hair. Although it’s quite common for women to put their hair up in a towel after a shower, the hair can get caught in the fibers of the towel, causing breakage. Softer microfiber towels are a good alternative.
  • Pass on the ponytail. Especially if you have bleached or dry hair, putting it up in a ponytail can cause breakage at the point of tension. Instead, you can twist the hair into a bun and clip it.
  • Cold water helps. Give your hair a rinse in cold water at the end of every shower. This helps to grow healthy hair by preventing a loss of moisture, snags, and damage done by heat. Rinsing for a few seconds can make a big difference down the line.

Try Vitalize Hair Treatment and regrow healthy hair without surgery or dangerous chemicals. Call us at (800) 800-7577 or go to thinedges.com to learn about how to naturally regrow your hair!