How the Vitalize 3-Part Hair Repair System was able to help Misster Ray regrow his hair.

Ray Cunningham, also known as Misster Ray, from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood had a secret he was desperately trying to come to terms with. Over the course of about a year, his hair started falling out, and it was becoming more and more difficult to hide. A condition called alopecia was robbing him of his hair and not just his scalp hair but also his eyebrows and eyelashes! Even his full iconic beard started to become patchy. This would be devastating for anyone, and Misster Ray is a television personality, so his appearance was tied in with his career.  When his fans noticed the change in his appearance, they grew worried. Many people assumed he had cancer or was ill. To quell their fears, Misster Ray took to social media.

“I have alopecia – trust me,” Misster Ray wrote in his tweet, “It’s taken me a year to almost even say this out loud because I’ve always had hair, a full head, and face of hair. I don’t even know who I am sometimes when I look in the mirror.”

For Misster Ray, his hair journey was about to go from loss to growth as he was introduced to Vitalize by a friend. He tried Vitalize’s science-driven 3-Part Hair Repair System and started noticing results within two weeks of using it! Now, Mister Ray’s hair is back as beautiful as ever! Click on the link below to see Misster Ray’s progress for yourself!

What makes the Vitalize 3-Part System so effective?

The Vitalize 3-Part Hair Repair System is unlike any treatment system you’ll find on the market today because it addresses hair loss at multiple levels both internally and externally. It does this by addressing your nutritional needs through a powerful multivitamin, reawaking your hair follicles with a clinically proven topical serum, and supplying maximum hydration with a special proprietary blend of hair and scalp benefiting oils.

Hair growth starts from within

Nutrition is one of the biggest factors when it comes to hair health. Your body needs certain nutrients for hair growth. It doesn’t matter how good your hair care routine is; if you don’t have the nutrients you need, your hair won’t grow. Vitalize has two different multivitamins for you to choose from to address this; the all-natural Hair, Skin, and Nail Multivitamin tablet and the cherry-flavored Multivitamin Hair Gummy. Both vitamins have been designed to boost the immune system and provide your body with the optimal balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to grow healthy hair.

Reawakening your hair follicles

The Follicle Stem Cell Serum is a special serum containing active ingredients that have been clinically proven to improve your scalp’s health. When you use it, not only are you reawakening your hair follicles, you’re also helping fight scalp irritation, preventing hair miniaturization (a huge factor in male pattern baldness), improving hair anchoring, and reduce damage caused by inflammation!

Seal the deal

And finally, there is The Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil. This oil is a proprietary blend of oils and special ingredients selected to improve your hair and scalp’s overall health while supplying maximum hydration. Vitalize’s The Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil helps the hair grow fuller and denser while also helping the scalp recover from injuries.

Misster Ray made several appearances discussing his hair loss, from social posts to an interview on Sister Circle. To learn more about his story, watch the video below.

Don’t let thinning hair be the end of your hair journey. With Vitalize, you can take control of your hair’s health and growth. Call 800-800-7577 now to learn more!