On the surface it may seem like all blow driers are the same, however, where are differences between them and selecting the right type for your hair can make a drastic difference in your hair health and safety.

Drier types

There are many different types of hair driers to choose from. Different driers are made from different materials, from titanium hair driers to porcelain ones. The material of the drier can tell you a few aspects of the drier itself, like the weight and if it is prone to getting really hot. Titanium hair driers, for example, tend to weigh less than porcelain hair driers, but they also can become very hot with use.

Heat settings and power

You may want to consider getting a hair drier with multiple heat settings. The heat you set it on is typically influenced by your hair type, with fine hair usually not requiring as much heat as thick hair. The wattage of your hair drier will also play a role in how quickly it takes to dry your hair. The wattage will tell you how fast the motor within the drier is working. In most cases, you’ll want a hair drier that is 1500 watts or more. Many salons use driers that are around 1800 or higher watts.


This may seem like a trivial matter, but the weight of the drier is an important factor to consider. Heavy hair driers can make your arms tired, which can make the entire experience of drying your hair very uncomfortable.


Attachments will play a role in how the heat is dispersed. You’ll want to utilize different drier attachments depending on your needs.


As the name implies, a diffuser will spread the heat and air from the drier across a wider area. Diffusers are perfect for individuals with curly or wavy hair as it can actually help to keep the texture and volume of your hair. Diffusers can be removed from the dryer

Concentrator nozzle

A concentrator nozzle is typically used to straighten hair. Heat and air are forced from the nozzle in a concentrated stream. While starting your hair with drier many people will run a comb or brush through their hair while following the path of the nozzle, this helps achieve a sleek straight look. While this is a fantastic attachment, keep the risks in mind. Do not allow the nozzle to come into contact with your hair (because the hot air is concentrated on a smaller surface area you can run the risk of damaging your hair).

If you don’t want to use a hair drier, or if you are worried about damaging your hair because of heat, check out our blog The Pros and Cons of Air Drying your Hair.

Regardless of what you choose, it is important to remember that healthy hair is less prone to damage than unhealthy hair. Consider using Vitalize products to keep your hair healthy, strong, and protected. If you need to style your edges, consider using Vitalize Edge Control which not only has active ingredients to promote hair growth but will also protect your hair from heat damage. To learn more about our products and what they can do for you, give us a call at 1-800-800-7577.