Our hair can change a lot throughout our lives. However, few changes are as noticeable as the changes we associate with getting older. Here are a few ways your hair can change with age.

It turns gray

Our hair can turn gray for a variety of reasons. In the cases of hair turning gray prematurely that usually boils down to genes we inherited from our parents. Some other reasons we may have gray hair at an early age is due to things like stress, an unhealthy or unbalanced diet, not getting enough sleep, or an illness. As for when we get older gray hair typically is the result of our body not producing the same levels of melanin as it did when we were younger.

You can dye your hair, but remember that gray hair is not so much the color gray as it is hair without color, so take note of the fact that your hair will dye differently when it’s gray versus when it was pigmented.

It’s easier to break

As we age, our hair becomes less elastic and will break easier. This is due to a lack of the protein keratin. When our hair is tugged, for example, instead of stretching, it will be more prone to break. The layer of cells that protect our hair from damage also weakens and becomes more fragile. Our hair can also become drier with age. Over styling, excessive heat, and over-shampooing can all irritate the scalp and lead to hair damage. It’s also not uncommon for the decreased proteins in your hair to cause the texture of your hair to change. Hair may become more course than hair that contains melanin. Keeping your hair healthy will make this change more manageable.

It becomes thinner

There are two aspects of hair getting thinner as we age. Firstly, the overall density (the amount of hair that actually grows) decreases. Second, the hair grows finer (the diameter of each strand decreases). For women, this change tends to occur around the age of 40. It’s also common to shed more as we age. Many people may experience losing hair, and the hair follicles don’t produce the same amount of hair as before.

Decreased volume is expected with thinning hair. Some people may try to compensate for the decrease in volume by over styling their hair, which can damage it.

Hair also grows slower as we age and will spend more time in the resting phase. Gray hair may also appear duller because the color gray doesn’t reflect light the same way hair with melanin does. Dry hair will also attribute to a duller appearance.

Because our hair changes so much as we age, it’s important to keep it healthy. To learn how you can keep your hair healthy, give us a call at 1-800-800-7577.