Protect Your Hair: Rebuild Thin Edges with Vitalize

Anyone experiencing hair loss, especially thinning edges, will be anxious to know the culprit. Many speculate that too much hard drinking can result in thinning hair, but is there any truth to this?

While not entirely untrue, the notion that alcohol use can cause one’s hair to fall out is essentially an overstatement.

The fact is that while alcohol consumption does not in and of itself cause hair loss, it can certainly contribute to hair loss when done to excess.

Alcohol & Hair Loss: The Rundown

Alcohol consumption in all its forms causes dehydration, and dehydration can lead to brittle, dry hair and dandruff. Alcohol also reduces iron levels, which can result in telogen effluvium: a stoppage in hair growth, making it fall out sooner than normal. This condition also limits the growth of new hairs.

Alcohol also increases your level of estrogen, and the higher your estrogen levels remain, the more your hair is susceptible to breaking off and falling out. Further, zinc levels, which are needed to grow healthy hair, are lowered with excessive alcohol intake, causing hair to age faster.

Rebuilding Thin Edges Across the Country

Vitamin deficiencies found in most alcoholics can do further damage to hair follicles. Increasing consumption of alcohol can use up supplies of vitamins B and C in the body and can destroy the folic acid needed to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Drinking alcohol before bed can also indirectly affect hair growth, as alcohol typically keeps you from sleeping as well as you might otherwise, leaving you feeling tired and stressed. This aggravation can lead to hair loss.

In the end, if you are experiencing hair loss, reducing or eliminating your intake of alcohol may be a good place to start, followed by improving your diet and lowering your stress level.

When these measures aren’t enough, give Vitalize Hair Treatment a try: an all-natural way to fill in thin edges and regrow hair. No painful surgery or dangerous chemicals involved—just thicker hair!


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