What They Don’t Tell You About Hair Transplant Procedures

Be Informed When it Comes to Hair Growth Treatments By age 35, 4 in 10 American men are showing some sign of hair loss. No matter how you are losing...
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Tips for Growing Longer, Healthy Hair

Whether you have recently begun taking natural hair growth products like Vitalize Hair Treatment and are looking to improve the look of your hairline, or need to protect the hair...
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Protecting Your Thinning Edges

No Edges?  Here’s some advice. Nobody likes the look of receding edges, but do you know how to alleviate the problem without causing more harm to your scalp and hair?...
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Does Alcohol Lead to Hair Loss?

Protect Your Hair: Rebuild Thin Edges with Vitalize Anyone experiencing hair loss, especially thinning edges, will be anxious to know the culprit. Many speculate that too much hard drinking can...
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Women & Hair Loss: 9 Causes

Vitalize All-Natural Hair Treatment Women lose hair every day, most of the time without batting an eye: showering, blow drying, brushing, practically any time we interact with our hair or...
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Why is Vitalize Better than a Hair Transplant Procedure?

Is your hair line thinner than it used to be? Is that bald patch making you feel depressed with the way you look? If so, rather than opting for hair...
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